Welcome to Texas Gals Wholesale Properties !

We Texas Gals, Cheryl Baxter and Roisann Mikel, would like to welcome you to our website.  Our company is Baxel Properties, LLC.  We are real estate investors not Realtors and we are located in the heart of North Texas. 

Fort Worth/Dallas is a prime area for real estate investors. We find deeply discounted properties for you, the investor. Please take the time to browse our current listings. 

As an investment company, we buy and sell single-family and multi-family real estate as well as commercial property and vacant land. 

Through us, you as the investor, can gain access to real properties for sale.  We are wholesalers and offer below market deals.  Our goal is to acquire and sell properties at substantial discounts, so that you as the investor can rehab and turn it for a substantial profit. 

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 We want the numbers to make sense for everyone involved and for everyone to make some money.  We can assign contracts with the sellers full knowledge, or we may also work with private investors who provide funding and may partner with us on certain deals.

We are constantly getting discounted, wholesale properties under contract.  You can be among the first to know about our deals. 

Many wholesalers that you speak to are selling other investor's properties that they do not control.  We have the valid contract with the sellers of the properties and are ready to make a deal with you right now.